Beefeaters Rawhide Free Twist Sticks Sticks Are A Puppy’s Dream

Storage is never a problem with Beefeaters Rawhide Free Twist Sticks, as you can reseal them back in their bag to keep them tasting great, plus they come with a handy storage solution when you buy the pack.

It’s not just chews which Beefeaters make, high quality beef hide Twists are also available, which are just as delicious and a treat for your pet.

Beefeater Twist Sticks
Image credit: Beefeaters

Twists and Chews never stain or mark your house as the manufacturing process involves them being soaked in tasty juices but these remain in the treat when chewed, meaning all the taste but no mess.

Your dog will be drooling over the scent of these great snacks, and as for the taste and texture, wow, your dog is in for a treat!

They are also economical as they come in money saving packs of 36 pieces, and there are several varieties your dog will love.

Variety is the spice of life.

Dogs get sick of the same old food, just like people, so it’s wide to vary the snack flavor to keep him happy and interested.

Top quality ingredients, all natural recipes, and with no corn, wheat or soy, Beefeaters Rawhide Free Twist Sticks are a brilliant product for dog owners.

With Beef, Chicken, and natural oven-baked recipes on the market, and with delectable flavors such as Real Peanut Butter, your dog is going to be one spoiled boy, but you can relax knowing they are also doing him good.

Puppies have a hard time when their teeth are growing and having a chew to hand can give them some relief from the discomfort and also save your house from chewing, as puppies do like to get their teeth into things.

Puppies and Poses
Image credit: Openverse

We have already talked about the wholesome aspects to these chews, but Beefeaters also made products which can benefit specific conditions.

To be able to treat a dog’s health complaint with a treat is a sweet thing for you both. Take some time to consider the advantages.

Skin and coat problems can be tackled giving Beefeaters Rawhide Free Twist Sticks as a treat, which are specially made for this condition.

With great healthy elements such as Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, skin and hair will become healthy when your dog chews these.

When you reach for an unhealthy snack, stop and think whether you would want someone to treat you in that way, if not don’t do the same thing to your pet.

Rawhide is the natural choice, and you will see from your dog’s reaction, it’s the best one.


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