Choose Rawhide Chews For A Guaranteed Healthy & Balanced Snack

Top reasons rawhide chews are one of the best choices for your dog.

A responsible owner must take many aspects into account when choosing a suitable dog treat.

Health is an important consideration, but don’t forget to take into account whether the ingredients are of human grade and tasty, and depending on your sensibilities you may wish to choose organic too!

As a pet parent you are responsible for what your dog eats.

We all know that dogs will eat almost anything and love lots of things which aren’t necessarily good for them, and even sometimes harmful, such as chocolate.

Proper food should make up the majority of his daily diet, and by that we mean a balanced healthy diet of dog suitable food with a meager 10% of his intake left for snacks.

Did you know that you can actually reduce your dog’s life expectancy if you rely too heavily on snacks; just imagine that you may be cutting years off his life by giving the wrong kind of treats.

Many health experts argue that a diet free of processed foods is one of the healthiest to have; just like for humans could benefit your dog.

Beefeaters Medium Knotted Bones are a wholesome treat for your dog, made of 100% natural ingredients.

When you consider what your dog might have eaten through the ages, rawhide would have been one of the foods of choice.

Big names in the pet food industry such as Beefeaters amongst others have stepped into the breach by creating a vast range of chews, snacks and treats, including rawhide chews.

Some lesser snacks contain unpleasant additions such as glues, fillers and so on, but Beefeaters for one, are a company which pride themselves on using only natural ingredients, so rest assured your snack will be a guilt free one.

Your dog will love the meaty taste, and better still, the satisfying “chewability” of these snacks will meet your dog’s innate instincts as well as reducing plaque build up.

When you look at giving these rawhide chews as a preventative measure for dental work, you will see you are really treating your dog properly.

Beefeaters Medium Knotted Bones come in delicious, mouth-watering flavors, such as, Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Rice and Peanut Butter.

They are just the right size to be carried around in the mouth and long enough to chew to provide a really enjoyable chewing experience.


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