Fun Things to Do with Your Dog in the Winter

For some people, the signal of first snow is a signal for the onset of cabin fever. There is no reason to punish our pets for the sudden downturn in weather though. In fact, many dogs are perfectly suited for fun and frolicking in the winter months.

adult short-coated dog sitting snow while wearing orange and black hat

Doctors have proven that getting outdoors and plenty of exercise is best for humans and dogs. If you’re already an outdoorsman, your probably have plenty of ideas of things you can do with your dogs during the winter months. For those of you who might be looking for ideas, though, here are some that your dogs are sure to love. If you have a small dog or dog with short hair and slight body, you will most likely want to consider getting them a sweater before venturing out into the wind, cold, and snow.

You can typically tell if your pet is cold, because they show noticeable discomfort and shake. Some dogs might also benefit from boots, typically made of rubber and sometimes insulated, to protect the pads of their feet from the cold and keep warmth in. Take advantage of the snow and have an impromptu snowball fight in place of a game of fetch.

a small dog wearing a blue sweater and red shoes

Dogs will almost assuredly eat the snowball and find enjoyment in the laughter they bring. If you’re in ski country, they have skis designed specifically for dogs, and there is no reason to leave your favorite four-legged friend out of an activity you enjoy so much. Taking a dog on a hiking or even snow fishing is great. They love being near their masters and they can serve as an excellent warning system. Since dogs can also outlast us and have a natural tracking system, they can come in quite handy if we get lost or overextend ourselves.

If sledding is in your plans, try taking your dog with you. It might take a few times to get them used to the idea, and some dogs will never like it. A lot of dogs enjoy some light sled fun in the winter, though. Going to cut down your own Christmas tree this year? Take your furry family member along for the ride.

Make your pet a part of your winter and holiday plans, and the experience alone will be reward enough. Nonetheless, your dogs will surely thank you and remember the kindness you showed in truly making them a member of the family. Just like any time you take your dog out for fun and exercise, though, it is important to pay attention not to allow them to get overexcited.

If your dog shows signs of discomfort or edginess, try to remove them from the situation or environment. Keep your dog out of harm’s way, and they will be sure to do the same for you.

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