Get Rid of Irritating Fleas and Ticks with Frontline

Owners who use FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment control can expect to see results somewhere between 18 to 48 hours after the initial usage of frontline flea control for their dogs. The flea and tick protection of the dog version of frontline flea control will last for approximately four weeks after usage. Both pets and their owners will have the benefits of a flea-free home.

Benefits of Dog Frontline Flea Control

Contrasting to other flea and tick remedies available on the market, frontline flea control for dogs holds its waterproof quality. Your dog can have a energetic and hearty swim or be given a sudsy bath and the frontline flea control for dogs will stay waterproof and not come off. It is even safe and gentle so that you can use it on young puppies that are approximately 8 weeks old. Another positive about frontline plus flea and tick treatments is the substances used to create an invaluable flea control will not harm dogs that are going to have puppies or ones that are currently nursing.

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What is the importance of frontline flea control?

Fleas and ticks not only cause irritation to your dog’s skin, but also can affect your pet’s health. Certain kinds of ticks have been known to carry Lyme Disease, which can cause detrimental illness to your dog. With frontline plus flea and tick, the life cycle of unhealthy pests is cut short.

Four Different Dose Categories

Frontline plus flea and tick control provides four different dosing categories that match up to the size of your dog. The treatments are offered for the following dog weights: twenty pounds or less, twenty-three to forty-four pound dogs, forty-five to eighty-eight pound dogs and dogs up to 132 pounds. FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment control for dogs is available to purchase in a three-dose package or a six-dose package. Purchasing the six-dose package will save you time returning to the store at a later date for future applications of the treatment.

How to Apply Frontline Flea Control For Dogs

The first step to applying frontline flea control for dogs is to remove the applicator from its package. Using scissors or lifting and removing the plastic tab or foil that has to be peeled down will accomplish this. The second step is to open the applicator by snapping off the tip. This step should be done away from the body and face. The last step involves the application of FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment. All you have to do is squeeze the contents of the applicator between the shoulder blades of your dog. The applicator tip should be placed through all of the hair, towards the skin for effective application.


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