Heartworm Medicines Give Pet Owners Complete Peace Of Mind

Heartworms can spell disaster for your pet, so how do you know what symptoms to look for?

The worst part about heartworms for the owner is that due to the fact that your pet may not show any symptoms right away, a heartworm infestation can go undetected until the condition becomes critical. Detecting problems early with the help of a vet is extremely important.

The heart worm test is usually done with an antigen test, although further testing with an ultrasound will show evidence of heartworm build up in the organs. Once diagnosed, it’s then the moment to choose some heartworm treatment.

An arsenic based medication using melarsomine used to be a standard way to treat heartworm infestation, but this treatment had the risk of serious complications including pulmonary embolism, which in severe cases required emergency surgery to clear the atrium of the heart.

More standard medication these days involves administering Moxidectin or Milbemycin. A vet should be consulted about what is appropriate for your dog.

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It is easy to choose what products are best at killing fleas, as fleas are an ever present problem for most animals. K9 Advantix II, a very popular flea control product for pets, quickly comes to mind. But what heartworm product available equals the steadfast reputation of K9 Advantix II for our pets?

One such product is DURVET 12-Pack Triple Wormer Tablets for Puppies and Small Dogs. It is preventative heartworm medication that will also protect against tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms. Overall Durvet Triple Wormer treats seven different types of worms.

The Durvet Triple Wormer comes in chewable and flavored form. So it is easy to give to your dog as a treat by hand, or it can be put in the dog’s eating bowl.

If you really want to provide the best protection for your dog, do not settle for one of the many generic heartworm treatments that are available on the market today; choose a brand that is reliable from a reputable manufacturer. But consulting with a vet is still recommended if in doubt.

Generic heartworm medicine may do the job, but when you buy heartworm medicine by a trusted brand, you know that you are choosing peace of mind over cost.


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