How Automatic Feeders Can Help Prevent Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is dangerous and unhealthy. It can lead to liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, joint, and even back problems.

People who love their pets dearly don’t realize that they could be actually slowly killing their pets by overfeeding them. The biggest contributor to pet obesity is overeating. Most pets will eat whatever is put before them because it is their natural instinct.

white short coated dog biting a slice of watermelon

Dogs are natural scavengers that think every meal could be their last; so they eat whenever food is offered to them. Many times dogs will eat even if they are not hungry because of this natural instinct. That is why it is important to feed your animals perfectly portioned meals. This is one of the advantages of automatic pet feeders.

Many pet owners will turn to more expensive options like special foods, supplements, or medication. But one effective solution is to get an automatic pet feeder so they can eat perfectly portioned timed meals. The other solution is to make sure their pet gets plenty of exercise. Those two things will help reduce weight for a pet, and they are less expensive than other alternatives.

The PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera starts from USD$139.00 and is suitable for dogs. But, whatever the brand, the important thing to look for with an automatic pet feeder is whether or not it has an electronic timer that will automatically provide food to your animals at a specified time each day. The goal is that no matter how busy your schedule is, your dog will eat at the same time every single day. Each time the food is released it will only release the exact amount each time.

PETKIT YumShare Solo with Camera

Pet feeders provide multiple benefits including helping to combat pet obesity, giving pet owners a peace of mind that their pet is being fed at the right time even if they are running late.

Pet obesity could end up killing your pets, so it is extremely important that you take action, and an automatic pet feeder allows you to take that action without breaking the bank.


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