How To Choose The Perfect Pet Sitter

Some people embark on purchasing a pet with out really thinking about the consequences. If you are in full time work and want to own a pet such as a dog, have you considered how much it will need to be walked? And who will do this when you are at work.

Pet sitting is a professional pet sitting service that is rapidly growing. Pet sitters provide extraordinary care and will lessen the stress to you while providing your dog with freedom.

Advantages of using pet sitters

Less stress to your pet as the animal will be cared for in their own home and own surroundings.

Being kept in the same area and around your home your pet will be less likely to pick up any strange illnesses or parasites.

A pet sitter will travel to your home to care for your pet this means there will be no travel trauma as he/she will not need to be transported anywhere.

Most kennels will require specific vaccinations to allow any animal to board there, pet sitters are less restrictive in this area.

Your animal will have a set routine and will not be required to adapt to a new environment.

Many pet sitting services will provide additional personalized touches which will leave you worry free, having someone come in and pick up your post and turn a light on so that you do not come home to darkness is just some of the added bonuses a pet sitter can provide. Some people say they double as a house sitter.

For you to be completely happy you need to be able to trust the person you choose to care for you animal, pet sitters will care for your pet as you do giving them time for play, exercise and will also be aware of any medical conditions.

Tips On Choosing A Pet Sitter

photo of man hugging tan dog

I would recommend that you ask friends, family, and work colleagues if they can make any recommendations so you know the pet sitter has a good reputation. Or find a reputable site that can help you such as Rover or Trusted House Sitters.

If you can, arrange a meeting within your home with each pet sitter. Watch how they interact with your pet and see if you can sense that your pet actually likes this person.

Make the pet sitter aware of any health problems your pet has and let them know what your pet enjoys, a reliable pet sitter will take notes as you provide them with this information.

Make sure you ask for a copy of their contract this will provide you with exactly what you can expect from this person as well as their rates of pay.

Prepare detailed instructions. Include all your contact phone numbers including one of a friend in case you are unreachable in an emergency.

Being armed with the right questions will help you choose the perfect match for you pet leaving you stress free and you pet happy.


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