How to Diagnose and Treat Ear Mites in Dogs

You will probably know if your dog has ear mite problems by the behavior he or she displays.

If your pet starts shaking his head violently or won’t stop scratching at his ears, even to the point where he is crying out because it is painful, you are probably dealing with ear mites.

adult long-coated yellow dog

You are probably asking what an ear mite is. Deep in the ear canal is the home of small parasites known as ear mites.

The ear swells and becomes painful as they bite through the skin to get at the blood supply.

Yeast and bacterial infections are in store for your pet if you don’t take action against an ear mite problem.

If you still do nothing your pet could lose his hearing or require expensive surgery.

Ear mites are like fleas – they will easily find another host if one is available.

This is especially bad news as an ear mite infection in one animal in a kennel or cattery can spread like wildfire throughout the whole community.

The best advice is to treat the whole group for ear mites simultaneously.

All cats and dogs can get an ear mite infection, but dogs with long floppy ears such as spaniels as more prone as they offer a greater number of hiding places for the mites.

Ear mite treatments are available over the counter. Clean ears are a must so try Zymox Ear Cleanser With Bio-Active Enzymes, without hydrocortisone, to get rid of any discharge or dirt in the ear.

Ideal for post-swimming, and mild enough for regular use, this Cleanser comes with a special nozzle, making it clean and easy to use.

OBSEDE also make ear finger Dog Ear Wipes – a quick and convenient way to keep your cat or dog’s ears clean and healthy.

Made with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, these wipes will stop any yeast or bacterial infection in its tracks. They are quick and simple to use, come in a tidy resealable container, so every time you get a perfect wipe.

Cleaning your pet’s ears with Miracle Care All Natural Ear Cleaner might be good for your conscience too.

Because it’s made with chamomile and marigold, you can rest assured you are cleaning your pet’s ear with a product that contains natural ingredients.

It contains a natural miticide that will dispatch ear mites and ticks promptly leaving your pet pain and infection free. Popular among breeders and showers.

If the situation has gotten really bad and your are struggling to cope with repeated or severe infections you need something with some punch, such as Zymox OTIC Solution with Hydrocortisone.

Seven days of treatment should resolve a nasty case of ear mites, but double it for repeated ear mite issues.

A mite free pet is a happier pet, thanks to all these sterling products.

Don’t leave ear mite and yeast problems to sort themselves out, inevitably they don’t and that just isn’t fair on your pet.