How To Raise A Havanese Rescue Dog

If you get the wrong dog for your situation then that is a bad thing for not only you but also for the dog. Before you go out and invest in a Havanese rescue dog you may want to take a look at some of the basic Havanese information. The Havanese dog usually gets about 29 centimeters in length and 6 kilograms in weight. That is hardly a big dog for you to flop around with so if a big floppy dog is what are you looking for then you may want to reconsider a Havanese rescue dog.

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Image Source: “Sophie in WA“, Havanese Rescue, Inc

Havanese dogs require a lot of attention when you are training them. They are very intelligent dogs but they are also very energetic which means that while they eventually can be trained the process can take a little while because they tend to get over active very quickly. Patience and love is what is needed to train your Havanese.

Believe it or not these little Havanese rescue dogs make some of the best early warning systems for trouble you will ever need. They are very alert animals and at the first sign of trouble they will start to let everyone in the house know that something is wrong. They are very loyal little dogs and they are wonderful to have around children as their small size and gentle demeanor makes them perfect pets and playmates for your little ones.

They are also playful little dogs that love to show off their wit and intelligence. Just try and match wits with a Havanese.

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Image Source: “Fiji in CA“, Havanese Rescue, Inc

They love to play and it is often times an interesting task to try and match wits with your Havanese rescue dog only to realize that, more often than not, it has outsmarted you again.

As was mentioned previously the Havanese Rescue dogs are extremely intelligent animals but you are still going to need a great deal of patience in training them and getting them to understand what you want.

Image Source: “Max in TX“, Havanese Rescue, Inc

They have boundless energy and are a great deal of fun to have around but they can also process information that other breeds of dogs cannot and this is one of the reasons why people with smaller living spaces love to have the Havanese as a pet.

Like any other expensive pet the Havanese is very high maintenance. They require a daily brushing of their coat to keep them looking their best but also to keep them healthy as a shaggy and tangled coat on a Havanese could lead to health issues. So take good care of your little Havanese and if you show it the love and patience it requires you will never regret it.

Havanese Rescue Inc, (HRI) is an independent charitable organization that has been rescuing Havanese and Havanese-mix dogs in need since 2004.


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