How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Are you bothered by your dog’s constant barking? Learning to control your dog’s barking is challenging, regardless of the breed you own. Different breeds have different reasons for starting to fuss. If you can determine the reason your dog’s barking is out of control it will help you teach your dog to control the barking and to bark when necessary, not at every little thing they see or hear.

Some people don’t mind constant barking, but many others do. Sometimes the fact is that you have dog that just barks too much. While it is important to remember your dog is using his or her bark to communicate with their owner and other dogs, constant barking is unnecessary. Just don’t go too far and try to stop your dog from barking completely. It’s completely appropriate for dogs to bark at some times.

close up photography of dog barking

First, research the type of dog you want before you get a dog. Knowing the purpose of a dog breed will give you a lot of information about how much the dog may bark. Don’t choose a dog bred for hunting or for stopping intruders.

Sometimes, dogs are better at training us than we are at training them. Don’t jump up and respond to your dogs commands when he or she barks. If they want to go outside and play, allow them to bark to signal, but do not let them out if they continue to bark. Teach them to get quiet first. Don’t respond until the dog is quiet, the dog will learn that to stop barking is a good behavior which brings rewards.

If your dog starts to bark, don’t do anything immediately. Remember, dogs are going to bark at times. If the barking continues you need to take action. Grasp her muzzle and close it with your hand gently, but firmly. If she tries to free herself from your hold, do not hurt her, but use your other hand to hold her collar.

Hopefully, you can figure out why your dog barks non-stop. Sometimes, it is too difficult to figure out and you may need some outside help to stop annoying barking behavior. A barking problem can be helped. With assistance I was able to stop my two dogs from barking at every little noise or movement.


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