How To Use A Doggie Dooley Waste Disposal System

Have you ever felt bad about the amount of dog waste that you put in the waste bin? It gets super smelly and isn’t nice to deal with. It isn’t great for the environment either. For some, there is an option to use Mother Nature instead to deal with the dog waste. You can do this with the Doggie Dooley.

The Doggie Dooley is a home septic system that uses dog waste as a natural resource, rather than garbage waste. The dog waste is leached into the ground where microbes in the soil break it down. This is a more natural way of dealing with dog waste.

When installing the Doggie Dooley waste disposal system you should also select a site away from your house, tree roots, the path of you lawn mower, and an area of your yard where there is never standing water. Try to locate an area with minimum clay content and check for proper drainage first.

Before you install your Doggie Dooley waste disposal system, check your area if it has heavy clay content because these units do not work as effectively in soils with heavy clay content.

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You can check your area if it has heavy clay content by digging a hole and testing it for proper drainage. Add 5 gallons of water after digging the hole and if the water drains completely in 48 hours, the Doggie Dooley waste disposal systems should work properly.

You can also use Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator tablets (digester powder) with Doggie Dooley waste disposal system, especially if dogs are fed a highly digestible food such as Iams, Science Diet, or Eukanuba, or other premium foods. The Doggie Dooley waste terminator will help a lot in breaking the dog waste faster.

The digestive action of doggie dooley waste disposal system starts at 40° F and increases as the temperature rises. When temperatures drop below 40° you will want to discontinue use of the unit. When it warms up again, simply re-start the unit as in the beginning (adding water, stool, and digester powder).

Doggie Dooley digesters install in the ground to provide quick easy cleanup for any lawn. Works like a home septic system by using enzyme and bacteria action to turn pet waste into a ground absorbing liquid that does not harm the environment. Just drop in waste, and add water and digester, and wait for the digester to work. Ideal for most soils except clay.


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