Perfect Nails Made Easy By Guillotine Nail Trimmers

It is vital to keep a dog’s nails trimmed short enough.

Overly long nails in humans are annoying but in dogs they can split and break causing bleeding paws.

Your dog’s feet are tough but tender, and any foot injury can cause serious problem to move about.

If you hear your dog’s nails making a sound on hard floors, it’s time for a trim. You have two choices about what to do – do it yourself or go down the professional route.

If you choose the DIY option, make sure you are prepared!

You need the right equipment and you need to have some knowledge of the anatomy of your dog’s paw.

Without these you will have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

The quick is the area to watch for when you trim your dog’s nails, you should cut below this. It is easy with dogs with transparent or light coloured nails but harder with dark nails so take care!

So you need a high grade nail trimmer next; look no further than the Master Grooming Tools Guillotine Nail Clippers, with fantastic grip and easy-use design. Plus the blades are sharp enough to make easy work of the toughest nail.

Next, let’s look at the procedure for cutting nails.

It is often best to sit with your dog in your lap, holding his paw firmly, but not roughly.

a person holding a small bird in their hand

Push on the pad to extend the nail and trim the nail below the quick at a 45 degree angle. Trim only small amounts at a time.

Once the major clipping has been done, taking care not to trim the nails too short, check the edges for jagged or rough edges and tidy.

Clearly extreme caution must be taken when trimming the nails, otherwise you may snip a very sensitive area of your dog’s foot, and he won’t thank you for it!

If an accident does happen with the trimmers, reach for DOGSWELL Remedy & Recovery Styptic Blood Stopper Powder to stop blood flow.

Master Grooming Tools Guillotine Nail Clippers are excellent tools for either home or professional use.

They are a great investment too as they are designed to last, and perform well with a lifetime guarantee.

Both dog and owner will be delighted to get a manicure with these safe and effective trimmers.

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