Providing The Best Diet Possible For Your Dog

These days, many of us realize that we should be eating a more healthy diet, and those of us who have pets, also wonder how we can do the same thing for our best friend. A good start is to provide a natural, organic food for your dog. Have you even taken the time to compare dog foods? How does the food that you feed to your dog stack up?

What do you think needs to be included in a healthy diet for your dog? Lean meat proteins from beef or chicken, and vitamin rich organ meats. Just like us, these foods are what a healthy diet for your dog should be based on. Also, dogs need essential vitamins, like vitamin E and vitamin C, as well as antioxidants to fight cancer by neutralizing the free radicals in their bodies.

Our diets often rely heavily on unhealthy processed foods, that are preserved with dangerous chemicals, and many dog foods also contain the same problem ingredients. You can avoid this by purchasing all natural, organic foods for your dog. You should be sure to always check the label on the bag of dog food that you intend to purchase and evaluate it.

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You want your dog to eat a healthy, balanced diet, but you will realize after comparing several brands of commercial dog foods, that it can be extremely challenging to find just what you are looking for in a bag.

The most simple solution is to offer your dog a serving of the healthy dinners you serve to your family. If you are eating healthy, there is no reason that your dog can’t eat what you eat. For the dog that doesn’t like vegetables, or other healthy ingredients, try mixing them in with meat first.

This works for dogs just like it does for a child. Some parents will run vegetables through the blender and then mix them into their meat loaf before cooking, so that the child never knows he is being served a healthy, balanced meal. It is easy to hide vegetables, just like this, for your dog to ensure that your best friend is getting a complete, wholesome meal.

It will be easy for you to know you are giving your dog everything he needs in his diet if you follow this simple break down. Two thirds of your dog’s meal should be made up of healthy, meaty proteins, such as lean beef and chicken. The remaining one third should contain equal parts of vegetables and starches (rice or pasta.)

It can be confusing at first for the pet owner to figure out how much to feed their dog this way, but you can simply start out by offering your dog the same amount of food that you always have in the past, and then notice how your dog acts after he has finished eating. You can increase his food a little bit if he seems overly hungry at first. Your dog’s weight will be the key.

It’s okay for a dog to lose some weight when being fed a healthy diet, but you don’t want your dog to lose too much weight, or to lose weight too quickly. You can simply adjust his food accordingly.

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With all of the horrible news about dog food in the last few years and the terrible tragedies that have befallen many pet owners and their best friends, there is no better time to consider a switch in diet for your pet.

Most of us know by now, how unhealthy our own diets can be, especially when we are consuming processed foods, and more and more pet owners are becoming more conscious of how healthy their dogs’ diets are. Dogs should be a member of the family, and thus should be loved, cared for, and kept healthy. In order to do this, take a look at the label on your bag of dog food and question. How does it compare? This should leave you striving to provide a healthier, more natural diet for your dog.