How To Use A Wireless Dog Fence

A wireless dog fence has been proven and tested to be really safe and reliable. However, there are still safety tips that everyone should take into consideration in using it. These safety tips will give your dog a much better protection.

Take note that dogs collar receiver must always be in contact with the wireless signal thrown by the transmitter. Therefore, if the collar loses contact with the transmitter signal, correction pulse will then be sent by the collar thinking the dog has left the containment area.

Just place the transmitter somewhere in your home, garage or tool shed that is not noticeable to avoid any damage on the system. After keeping it in a safe area and completing the set up, the transmitter will then emit a radio signal which will define the containment boundary of your dog.

It is advised that you avoid leaving the collar on your dog while it is inside your house as household appliances may set it off due to unnecessary signal interruptions.

The dog collar receiver has a water proof feature but then the transmitter must always be out of the weather because this device cannot get wet or the emitted signal will be damaged.

Please be reminded that the system will not work well if a drop-off or steep slope is a part of the contained area. This only means that you must also consider whether the dog containment fences are appropriate for your yard before you purchase the product you want.

The size and attitude of your dog is also a key factor. If you know that your dog is too big or stubborn, might as well choose a more appropriate product because this wireless pet containment is only applicable for small or medium dogs which are easy to train.

For safety and more reliable set up, always try to follow instructions in the provided manual that explains installation and training or ask our customer representatives for assistance.

There is an adjustable range suitable for your yard and an appropriate level of pulse correction for your dog.

For safe and easy to remember safe areas against the boundary, try to place a mark on the boundaries by putting training flags so that you and your dogs can easily remember the defined training area.

You must not also worry about unwanted power loss of the wireless dog fence system that might harm your dog because we also feature an automatic safety shut off on the system that will happen after 27 seconds.


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