Using Probiotics To Prevent Parasitic Infection

Symptoms of a parasitic infection can include diarrhea, vomiting, and a “cute” potbelly as is often seen in puppies. Poor coat condition and a general appearance of low health are also indications of dog parasites or a bacterial infection. If you think your animal has a parasite, get the vet to take a stool sample.

You should educate yourself on the raw diet and be aware of all that is found in it, however do not allow this to deter you from feeding it to your pet. Many pet owners have found that the raw food diet has been the best thing for the pets and highly recommend it. Some so-called experts on dog nutrition recommend cooking the food as to allow for the protein to digest easier and to rid of parasites. However, this is incorrect, as the raw food does not need to be cooked.

Healthy dogs have powerful immune systems that are built to fight off many types of parasites, so infestations are not always going to be harmful. Yearly checks for heartworm and flea control as part of a complete regimen of anti-parasite treatment will keep your pet safe.

Being able to spot the tell-tale signs is always good. Diarrhea is an indicator of parasites or food poisoning. Bacterial infections and canine parasites are not pleasant for your dog. If left untreated it could cause serious problems.

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A dog nutrition supplement such as FortiFlora, one of the most popular probiotics for dogs, can support their digestion and immune system. If your dogs diet is adequate it should not be necessary to buy nutritional supplements. As with humans, one way to prevent disease, strengthen immunity, and improve overall good health is by using health diet and nutritional supplements.

Most commercial brands of food fail to address a healthy diet, and it is really worth researching the ingredients that go into your dog’s food. With more and more brands including vegetables, fruit and grains, questions over the nutritional value of corn and the nutritional value of fruit for canines need to be asked. The answers lie in research and common sense.

Many well-known brands are misleading pet owners to believe that their products are healthy but their ingredient lists suggest otherwise. You’re pets nutrition is of the utmost importance. As long as your pet is active, a daily or weekly dose of canine vitamins and a daily probiotic would be the only supplements in which your pet would need to aid in your dogs nutrition.


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