Patio Dog Doors To Make Your Life Easier

These simple tips will help you decide which patio dog doors are sturdy, stylish and, most importantly, suit your budget.

Before purchasing patio dog doors, there are several factors you need consider in successfully buying the right item! Here are some important tips that every buyer should take into consideration in choosing an ideal pet patio door.

The first and most important guideline to consider in purchasing patio dog doors is to measure the height of your patio door track. Many people always take an assumption on the measurement of their patio door without knowing that it actually varies. For this, you may use a measuring device and measure the section inside from the top up to the bottom. Then, take note of the adjustment ranges for every dog door and compare it to the actual height of your patio door.

When it comes to design, it’s still appropriate to check the color of your framing. Choose colors that will harmonize with your interior design. Colors such as aluminum white and bronze are perfectly right. If you want, you can still paint any of these colors that will match the color of your house.

Double check if the materials used on your walls or doors matches the materials used for the pet door you are about to purchase. If you think installing it will not work with your patio, then you better look for an alternative patio pet doors that will fit your requirements.

Find out how wide the door flap needs to be. Make sure that it is wide enough so that your pet can comfortably pass through it. Try to provide more space to allow room for growth and adjustment. Also add at least an inch in every side of the minimum width that you already measured. Of course, it is not advisable for you to purchase a replacement flap which doesn’t fit the measurement of your patio dog door.

When it comes to flap dimensions, try to determine the flap height and rise. To accurately measure the height of the flap, measure the height of your pet from the top of his shoulders all the way to his feet. In this manner, your dog won’t have to hunker down in order to pass through these patio dog doors.

In order to measure the rise dimension that will fit to your dog size, start at the height of the flap bottom just above the base of the pet door so that your dog will conveniently step over it.

All in all, the exact measurement of the top of the flap will be the flap height plus the rise dimension. In general, it is better to use a lower rise especially when small pet needs to share with the bigger ones.

Consider the type of weather you have in your area. Of course, if you think your area always encounter a tough climate, its better to purchase a tougher pet patio door.


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