How To Travel with Your Dog

For many dogs a car ride is sheer joy. If they are left behind, they can feel deserted. However, it is also true that some dogs suffer from motion sicknes. It is possible to get medication for motion sickness from your vet.

But, as most dogs like to travel in the car, let’s concentrate on how you should manage them safely.

adult brown and white long-coated dog sitting on vehicles back

It is very important that they have identification, such as a collar and a tag containing the owner’s address and contact information. Even the best dog can get separated from their master and if this happens, you will be grateful that your phone number was on his identifaction tag.

Never let your dog loose in the car. Dogs need to be restrained in a moving vehicle, just like children. It is possible to get doggy car seats or seat belts, or you could crate your dog for the journey. This not only protects your dog, but also allows you to concentrate on the road whilst driving.

Make sure that you put a leash on your dog when you get out of the car. The change of environment will stimulate his senses and could make him want to go and explore. Dogs can smell up to one million times better than a human. Without a leash, who knows what might happen.

It is not a good idea to feed your dog just prior to going on a journey. However, your dog does need water. Remember, if the weather is warm, the dog will need more water than usual, it get’s hot in cars.

And finally, please don’t ever leave him in the car with the windows rolled up. It can take only minutes for a dog left in a car on a hot day to succumb to heatstroke or suffocation. The warning here is, if the windows are not sufficiently rolled down he can still succumb to heatstroke or suffocation. However, if the windows are rolled down too far, he can escape. So the advice is don’t take him in the car on hot days, or if you have to, make sure you let him out of the car with you.

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