How You Can Avoid Illness In Your Dog

The sure way to avoid serious illness is to boost their immune system and allow their own body to heal itself. Here are some things we can do to boost the immune system.

Regular optimal amount of Vitamin C

Though dogs produce their own vitamin C, it may not be sufficient to maintain optimal health. Vitamin C is safe and there is no harm in overdosing Vitamin C as excessive amounts will be flushed out of the body. Personally, I prefer powdered form Vitamin C as I can add it into their meals easily without stuffing tablets in them. Just go slow when introducing Vitamin C and keep to the optimal level amount daily. Too much at one go can cause diarrhea as the dog purges the excess Vitamin C.

If you cook or warm your dog food, add the vitamins and supplement last after the food is cooled and ready for feed. (Avoid microwaving your dog food to warm it as it will destroy the nutrients). All I need to do is boil some water quickly and pour some hot water into the food to make it at room temperature, than add the supplements accordingly.

Healthy meals

Homemade pet food is the best for your pet. Daily healthy fresh foods selection is essential for good health. Instead of giving dog treats which can be laden with chemicals and sugar, give your dog fruits and dried meats as treats instead.


The Missing LInk

For omega oil requirements, purchase flaxseed that is organic and bottled in dark container. For other supplementation needs, purchase a quality supplements such as The Missing Link has all the essential vitamins, minerals and omega oils a dog needs. Read instruction guide on supplementation when administering your pet. Over supplement as this can lead to toxicity to our pets.


Colostrums are given as supplement to provide antibodies, nutrition and to strengthen the immune system. Bovine Colostrum is only necessary if your pet has an illness that requires boosting of immune system.

Filtered Water

Using filtered water is preferred to tap water. Ensure water bowls are changed, washed and refilled daily.

Daily Fresh Air

Bring your pets to the park regularly to ensure the fresh air and greenery. Going to natural environment has higher levels of anions in the air which inevitably help boost your the immune system and improve blood circulation thus higher level of oxygen in their body. It is necessary to avoid high traffic areas as fumes from the vehicles are bad for their respiratory and can accumulate toxic buildup in their respiratory track. At home, ensure the home is well ventilated.

The above recommendations are for a normal healthy pet. Should your pet be suffering from an illness; ensure you seek necessary advice from your vet on supplementation for a special condition.


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